Kai Cole and the Ideal Joss

I am seeing far too many people dismissing Kai Cole's revelations as the rantings of an angry divorcee. Women are vindictive bitches, am I right?

I'm seeing far too many people accepting Kai's revelations but then dismissing them because Joss is "only human". Boys will be boys, am I right?

Never mind all the people who want to know who Joss supposedly slept with!

Stop. Just stop right there. What are you all doing?! Is that what your idea of Feminist Joss, Joss the Ally, would say you should do? Ignore a woman? Belittle her experience? Tell her she's a liar? Claim manipulating young starlets into having sex with a man who has power over their career is the same as consensual adultery?

Sure, there are many who never saw Joss as a feminist, who never saw anything empowering in his work. And oh how they are laughing now (not helping, folks, really not helping). But you? You thought he was a feminist. A flawed one, one with really crappy intersectionality, but at the very least he was an ally.

You thought he was telling you to respect yourself, respect other women, to lift each other up, to be there for each other, to stand up for each other, and to believe in each other.

Well do that. Do what Ideal Joss would want you to. Respect Kai Cole (use her name, folks, she's not just "his ex-wife"). Lift Kai up. Believe her and be there for her; stand up for her when she can't.

Let's say to Joss "we expected better of you, man. You tried to show us all these terrible men and said we should avoid them. You tried to show us the cruelty of not believing women, of siding with the men who hurt them. You tried to show us that we should hold men to higher standards than society said was okay. Well, we were paying attention. We're going to stand by Kai."

I stand by Kai Cole. Ironically, that's what Joss said was the right thing to do.

Lest We Forget Has Been Forgotten.

I was sick and asleep at 11am. But I've taken my own two minutes and had a wider think about Remembrance Sunday.

It seems this year that Armistice and Remembrance have been overshadowed. The US election has been rather distracting for half of the planet, and people have been constantly discussing what it, and Brexit, mean for the future... a future that some envisioning as something very akin to several events in the first half of the last century.

Gluten Free Scones

To follow on from what I am now calling my "dietary requirement friendly cupcakes", I've worked out a gluten free scone recipe using gram flour. I like gram flour. It's not got that odd chalkiness of many GF flours, and as it's just one ingredient, doing the basic chemistry stuff behind the baking is easier.

That and it's way cheaper. You can just buy gram flour in the "world foods" section at any supermarket, often in a yellow and red pack, for reasons I have yet to fathom. Or from your nearest Indian or Middle Eastern market. I have also seen it sneaking into the free-from sections.

That's the set up, now for the recipe. I am working on making these as dietary requirement friendly as the above cupcakes, but for now they're just very good gluten free scones.