Olive Oil; Apparently It Makes Some People Super Angry

I was buying bread in Co-op yesterday for work. I was wearing my work uniform, which, granted, does look a bit like the Co-op uniform. There's usually a little stand by the door with bread and olive oil for tasting. Yesterday it only had bits of bread on it.

A guy in his fifties, maybe sixties, came over to me, pointing angrily at the little stand and demanded to know what it was for. The conversation pretty much went like this;

Agents of SHIELD Names and Meanings

So, the UK just witnessed the shitstorm that was Turn, Turn, Turn. Ooooh, yeah, that was a fun hour on Twitter. I won't spoil anything, but let's just say that a lot of people turn (hah) out to be something we were not expecting. A lot of people. Good to bad, bad to good... good to bad to good and bad to good to bad... and, well it made some heads spin.

The double crossing and old TV story telling "are they/aren't they" got me thinking about names though. Whedon's characters are often given bizarre names that, when looked into, reflect the character perfectly, or with hindsight reveal something the audience did not realise was there.

There's a good article about Whedon and character names in Finding Serenity, a collection of essays on Firefly... but I can't remember which one and my copy is hiding in a box somewhere. Anyway, an example would be; a river is unpredictable, not easily controlled, but also a source of life and energy, just like River Tam. Another example would be willow; easily bent but so hard to snap. Rosenburg means "mountain of roses"... yeah, I got nothing for that so moving swiftly on...

POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS!! For Turn, Turn, Turn and onwards.

Equality Isn't A Matter Of Comparison

Look, guys, white guys, white Western guys; we get it. Life sucks more for more women in some other countries than it does for many women in white, Western nations. We know. Many of us have been raising awareness of the fact for years now. You don't have to tell us. You especially don't have to tell us when we try to raise the subject of the shit that white, Western patriarchy does.

"Stop complaining about this rape culture thing. At least you're not living in Saudi Arabia."

I er, okay, where did that come from? What has that got to do with the UK?

"Well, it's worse over there, so stop complaining."

Is that how it works? Seriously? Hmmm. Let's play this one out with an analogy.

There are two men awaiting trial outside court. They chat a bit, tell each other what they're there for, that sort of thing. The first guy gets called up. He's a pretty mean character; he beat a guy into a coma during a mugging. The trial is over quickly as he pleads guilty; he was dumb enough to take a selfie with the unconscious victim.

The second guy gets called in. He's not such a bad guy. He fell in with a bad crowd, made a few mistakes and eventually mugged a guy. Oh, he only held him up with a knife. He didn't even cut his victim. He pleads not guilty and his lawyer starts his defence.

"Well, yes, my client may have carried out those actions, but is he guilty of doing something wrong? The defendant who was on this very stand not an hour ago put his victim into a coma! My client just took a man's wallet. By comparison he's a saint."

This is the best defence the judge has ever heard. It's so obvious; how had she never heard such a defence before? Hurting someone is okay, as long as you don't do anything worse than someone else has done!

Yeah, that's logical.

So the next time someone tries to shout down a woman complaining about inequality by explaining that the problem is worse somewhere else I'll be allowed to break their fingers, right? Because it's not like I'm permanently crippling them or anything. Worse things happen in other countries when you piss someone off. I mean, compared to Kim Jong Un I'd be a saint.