My intention this week was to make salmon and egg donburi, and a strawberry baked Alaska, to test my new blow torch out! However, yesterday I discovered I did not have any rice in the cupboard (how the Hell I let that happen I do not know), and my strawberry ice cream appears to be edible anti-freeze.

So... I replaced the rice with soba noodles and made something else with salmon that I have been calling, as you might guess from the title, ALL OF THE UMAMI!

Medieval Pork Pate... and some other stuff

My experiment with Babylonian cooking went really well. This week I decided to fly through time and space to try a couple of Medieval English recipes and one Roman one. More turnips! More leeks! Boy, were these two (obviously hardy and easy to grow) veggies ubiquitous in centuries past. Which is fine by me; I love them. Turnips aren't too readily available in Scotland at this time of year, so again I used swede, or... turnip as it's known up here. Rutabaga to American folks.

Hammurabi's Lunch

My Not-Really-A-New-Years'-Resolution is to cook more non-stew, non-stir fry recipes at home. I do plenty of cooking at work when we cater big events, but I'm just an assistant so I have no real say in the menu. I am setting aside time each week to try some new recipes, learn some new techniques, or work with ingredients I haven't before.

First stop; the Yale Babylonian Cuisine Tablets.

Okay, so that's quite a step in a "different" direction, right? Eh, maybe not.