Well That Was Weird, Number 1

I've had a fair few not-fully-explainable experiences and after a talk from and discussion with a totally sceptical paranormal psychologist (whose experiment I broke, because my brain is atypical) in the summer I wanted to write down some of them. This is an account of the most resent, but probably least creepy.


I had weighed up the consequences long before I had carried the idea to fruition. I had plenty of models to base my analysis on. They say history repeats, and history said that my plan, if successful (never mind if it wasn’t, that was a whole other barrel of not much fun), could do one of several things. Most of these things were pretty unpleasant for everyone; myself, my friends and family, the country at large. Hell, one such plan in the past had lead, so the books tell us, to a very nasty war.

I had set it all out in detail and gone through every possible scenario. I had planned the timing to coincide with the right events in world and local politics to bring about my desired result. I had picked the perfect place, with the perfect witnesses. I had been working on this for months. I had seen the events unfold a hundred times in a hundred ways in my head.

Yet there I was, with a thin flint blade in my hand and blood on my shoes and not a single thought in my head except “I just took a life.”