Equality Isn't A Matter Of Comparison

Look, guys, white guys, white Western guys; we get it. Life sucks more for more women in some other countries than it does for many women in white, Western nations. We know. Many of us have been raising awareness of the fact for years now. You don't have to tell us. You especially don't have to tell us when we try to raise the subject of the shit that white, Western patriarchy does.

"Stop complaining about this rape culture thing. At least you're not living in Saudi Arabia."

I er, okay, where did that come from? What has that got to do with the UK?

"Well, it's worse over there, so stop complaining."

Is that how it works? Seriously? Hmmm. Let's play this one out with an analogy.

From The Bus Window

Hail stones crash into slush, melting in the instant. Bright flashes against darkness, like thousands of meteor strikes witnessed from space. The hail stones are so light they're picked up by the wind and blown in a dance along the contours of parked cars. I love snow. I see chaos and coincidence in every flake. Then I get to throw snow balls and everything looks so pretty


You what?


Come again?

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!

Quick Fire Thoughts on Boston And Social Media, 15-20 April, 2013

This is a very quick little blog and will not be well thought out at all because like the rest of the internet I need sleep now.

The FBI Is Trying To Scam Me!

Well okay, they're not, it's someone pretending to be the FBI. Best scam email EVER;