Edinburgh Photo Hunt

Last Saturday I ran a little photo hunt for my friends around Edinburgh's city centre. It went really well and everyone had a lot of fun so I figured I'd post it here for others to find and use. Some things had changed since I'd written the clues (had to organise it a couple of months ahead of time to make sure everyone got time off work) so I expect that if anyone does use this in the future they'll have to make sure everything is still the same. Mostly it was pub signs that had changed, but one item is on the castle's esplanade and the Tattoo got in the way, another was almost under water due to the Gardens flooding.

If you want to use this just email me ~ shardaerliss (at) googlemail (dot) com ~ and I'll send you the answers, that way no one will be able to just google the questions and find this page >_>

Everything on here is researchable via Wiki and Google. Even people who have never been to the city should be able to play if they have a smart phone.