The Problem With The Directgov "This Is Abuse" Campaign

I have tried to avoid anything too trigger-y in what I've written, but I'm putting a trigger warning here any way, just in case.

For anyone who just wants the contact details for the groups involved in the ad campaign;

 The Directgov form for sending complaints to them.

The email to contact the Violence Against Women and Girls Campaigns group directly;

I'm awaiting a reply from the above email before I hit OfCom/The Advertising Standards Agency, but if anyone would like to go to them too; ASA's online contact form


Response from ASA


[UPDATE 3; ASA are no help, contact CAP]

This campaign is back and on our screens, unchanged until the end of January. Please, everyone, hit them again. It took only 160 odd complaints for them to start an investigation into ASDA's sexist Christmas ad. We can get them to do something about This Is Abuse.

Final Fantasy VII; Life Ever After Chapter 4 , Friendship

Wyna's works that inspired this chapter: First Watch... which I can't find now.

Final Fantasy VII; Life Ever After Chapter 3, Fear

Inspirations: Scientist at Play

Eugh... Cid's accent is a pain of epic proportions! And does anyone know if the Sierra actually has an open deck? Neh...

I'd link chapter 2 and 3, but you should be able to find them through the labels easily enough... *lazy*

Mother Earth Feminism And Female Oriented McGuffins; A Rant

Hi there. In case you've randomly come across this blog let me introduce myself. I call myself Shard Aerliss. As far as I'm aware I am of the XX chromosomal persuasion. I might be a chimera, I don't know, but on the surface of it, most people would, if pressed, describe me as a female member of hom sap.

According to some traditionalists this means I should want babies, wear a lot of pink, be useless with maths and spacial awareness, fail at DIY and like soap operas.

Final Fantasy VII, Life Ever After; Chapter 2 Loathing

Inspirations for this chapter: Playing Games and this one by Wyna Hiros (she seems to have removed them from her gallery, or I found them somewhere else) and Roulette If anyone knows who the artist is, let me know. Please.

Oh, and I know that the gun in that pic isn't the Death Penalty... and I know it's difficult to do what Vincent intends with it but the name is perfect so... poetic license? *angelic grin*

Vincent's having morbid thoughts (when isn't he?) and really just wants to be left alone. Hah! Like Highwind will ever let that happen!

Character Concept; Ichamus

This is the first one I actually wrote. I had a vision (not a "whoa hallucinating the Virgin Mary" vision, just my imagination running away with itself) while I was at work one day, of this guy, so I wrote him down. Again; because I never kept up with my drawing practice.

Final Fantasy VII, Life Ever After; Chapter 1 Falling

This is another fic I'm moving over from DevArt... mmmm, old fiction *cringes* Keeps the monthly post count up when I'm doing too much overtime (read; being lazy) though :P

The germ of this epic adventure began with a few pictures by the wonderful Wyna Hiros, and most of the chapters will have been partly inspired by one or two of her pics (and the odd one from another artist that I can no longer find).

This story is set in the years after the Meteor incident, the end of the game and just sort of fills in a bunch of gaps, with lashings of angst. It's as close to canon as I can make it; FFVII is very subtle, it allows everyone to interpret it differently, making canon difficult!

Inspirations for this chapter: One Last Bullet

Oh, yeah; some parts in later chapters may seem like they're leading to some yaoi slashing. They don't. It's all good clean bromance.