Ancestor Worship

Wow, this is short... but I think it does everything I want it too. I could easily go into a lot more detail but it doesn't need it, I don't think. I actually wrote this a very long time ago... which is testament to the fact my writing hasn't improved much *sigh*

Anyway, it was for a challenge in a writing circle, inspired by this image;

No, I don't know if it has a CC licence or even where it's from.
This is the original size I was given it in. If you know it, poke  me.

Mika and Tori sat in their little boat mile from the shore, staring in awe at the Life Lights in the sky, the souls of all the deceased Mirandi who returned once a year to ensure their descendants were safe.

"To think," said Mika in a hushed tone, rolling up the sleeves of her shirt. "They always come back, every year. They never give up on their children."

Tori sent her a warm smile. "And so many different colours. Do you think different Mirandi souls have different colours depending on how powerful they were?"

Mika shook her head at him, standing slowly with her Nogri Staff in one hand. She put the base on the floor of the boat to keep herself steady.

"No, I think the colours represent what they were good at." The face Tori pulled as he dragged himself up beside her made her rephrase. "I mean, a Mirandi who was kind and gentle could be blue. And one who was fierce in battle might be red."

Tori smiled, picking up his own staff from the floor. He nodded with understanding as he threaded the thick twine through the loop at the base.

"You always make things sound so miraculous or magical Mika," there was a touch of tenderness in his voice that only occurred when he was decorating Mika with compliments. He knew it embarrassed her, even when they were alone.

Mika giggled at him and would have pushed him over if they were standing on solid ground.

"Hush now!" She picked up another piece of thick twine and began to thread it onto her staff.

"Only if you give me a good reason."

"If you're not quiet you'll scare away all the Mirandi," it was a mock scold, and he gave her a mock pout in return.

Mika threw her staff into the deep blue ocean.

"Now, now," she said to him, pulling on the twine to retrieve her staff, and anything she may have hit. "We only get one chance to hunt this way. You know the Mirandi only come to the bay when their ancestors are watching over them. Even if they never do a good job of it…"

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