You're Not The One Buying It So STFU

Why do some people get so annoyed when someone mentions that they'd like such-and-such piece of tech? I don't mean poking a bit of fun, say for example at the naming of the "Wii" by someone who prefers Microsoft's consoles. They get down right irate.

Last night, down the pub, someone (a musician... we'll call her Joan, 'cause that's so rock and roll) mentioned they'd like to get an iPad, if they had the money. Another person (Fred) who, before that night, had not met Joan before leant across the table and demanded to know what exactly she would do with it because, apparently, they don't DO anything. It's rare to see Joan flabbergasted (although apparently midgets freak her out) but she was completely taken aback by this attack on her desired toy.

What business was it of Fred's what Joan would be doing with it? What trauma had he gone through with an iPad to leave him so embittered as to get angry at the very THOUGHT of someone wanting one? If he actually cared about her finding the right product for her purposes he could have easily said "What would you be using it for, I might be able to recommend a better product."

But no, he was too damn angry to do anything but rant about how no one should buy an iPad because they are rubbish and any practical purpose they might have is ruined by Apple wanting to have a monopoly on the apps... or something. Honestly, I stopped listening, got very pissed off at him and told him to shut up in no uncertain terms; "Who cares? Can we not have this boring old discussion about Android, Apple and Symbian?!"

THEN he starts going on about Symbian being shit.


Seriously guys; if you're not the one buying it and not offering HELPFUL consumer advice then Shut. The. Fuck. Up. It's not your money, you're not the one who is going to be using it. There is absolutely no reason to get so angry at someone else's purchase of a tech product (unless you happen to know they're produced by the forced labour of orphans).