Well That Was Weird, Number 1

I've had a fair few not-fully-explainable experiences and after a talk from and discussion with a totally sceptical paranormal psychologist (whose experiment I broke, because my brain is atypical) in the summer I wanted to write down some of them. This is an account of the most resent, but probably least creepy.

Last week, just after getting into bed, I felt the bed near to my feet move repeatedly as though someone were repeatedly leaning on it. I wear a sleep mask and ear plugs on most nights, so I assumed it was the boyfriend looking for something in his floordrobe.

The movement of the bed continued, so I sat up, removing my mask, to ask what he was looking for. He was not there and it was dark.

A little weird, but he'd probably stepped out as I was sitting up. I settled back down with my sleep mask on.

It started again. Erm...

Maybe it was the way the quilt was hanging over the bed? Maybe it was swinging slightly, making it feel like the bed was moving? The depression of the bed was very noticeable so that didn't seem likely. There wasn't any other good explanation though.

I pulled the quilt up, so that my feet were not even covered.

It started again. WTF?

Now I was a little bit freaked out, so I took off my mask and turned on the bedside lamp. While sitting up I couldn't see or feel the bed move so I put my head back down but kept my eyes open and the light on.

I felt the bed move again!

I could not see it move in the position I was lying in; on my side, legs bent so my feet were sort of in line with my bum. I completely removed the quilt so that I could at least see the bed near to my feet.

I could FEEL the bed move up and down, but my eyes said it was perfectly still. Figuring it was some odd quirk of neurology I moved to another lying position.

No movement!

I have never experienced a sensory illusion quite like it before. Ever.

I wonder how far this phenomenon could go in explaining paranormal bedside visits?
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