Olive Oil; Apparently It Makes Some People Super Angry

I was buying bread in Co-op yesterday for work. I was wearing my work uniform, which, granted, does look a bit like the Co-op uniform. There's usually a little stand by the door with bread and olive oil for tasting. Yesterday it only had bits of bread on it.

A guy in his fifties, maybe sixties, came over to me, pointing angrily at the little stand and demanded to know what it was for. The conversation pretty much went like this;

Guy; hey, what IS that for? Why is it there??
Me; Well, I don't work here...
Guy; *looks me up and down, squints at my uniform, light goes on*
Me; ... but it's for tasting olive oil.
Guy; what?! Why??
Me, somewhat confused by his anger; you know, for taste testing.
Guy; people eat olive oil??! Isn't it for cooking?!
Me; er, you can cook with it, but it's not generally worth it. It's better to use vegetable oil in most cases.
Guy; but olives are a vegetable!
Me; yes, but I mean like sunflower oil. Olive oil is more often used in cold stuff, you know like on salad.
Guy; what? But you have salad dressing on salad!!
Me, now really confused by this guy's culinary fuelled anger; salad dressing often contains olive oil plus some other things, but you can just use olive oil.
Guy; eugh, but it's just oil!
Me; well, the cheap ones taste a bit bland, but a good, strong flavoured oil...
Guy, like he was victorious in some battle; ah, so it's flavoured with things!
Me; no, just a quality olive oil that tastes strongly of olives...
Guy; this is a new thing isn't it??!
Me; well, the Italians have been doing it since they were calling themselves Romans.
Guy; ... ... but it's new in Scotland, isn't it?
Me; not really...
Guy; well... er... thanks for answering my questions *stalks out*

I looked around to confirm that other people were as bewildered as I was. No one was. Maybe he's well known in the community..? Seriously, he was SO angry at the concept of eating bread dipped in olive oil.
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