You what?


Come again?

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!

I must have had a few nights of insomnia to sign up to this. One of my friends is a (recent) massive Supernatural fan, so obviously she follows the stars on Twitter. I've seen six episodes, and think it's on a par with Charmed...

Eh... apparently some guy called Misha Collins who is in Supernatural runs this epic treasure hunt, with the aim of changing the world, or at least the small worlds of the individuals taking part.

Some of the items from previous lists;
  • Cover a Volkswagon Beatle in whipped cream.
  • A four poster bed, in a car park, with people sleeping in it
  • Dress as Adam and Eve at a bus stop
  • Sky dive
I don't even...

We won't win. I know we won't. There's too much I'm pretty sure that we can't accomplish (we need to be in Japan for two items!). We will, however, have an abnosome time.

So, I'm off to plan out a four panel, real life (in photographs) comic book page and book a bungee jump >_<
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