Update Direct Gov's This Is Abuse Campaign Is Back

ASA keep telling me that nothing in the ad is against regulations. I have asked them if they could tell me who to contact to to request the regulations be changed. ASA just repeat, in more words, that the ad is not against regulations.

I was, however, told I could find out more about the regulations at the CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) website. Helpful, I guess, but not really what I was asking for.

According to the BCAP;

"Advertisements must not distress the audience without justifiable reason. Advertisements must not exploit the audience’s fears or superstitions."

ASA have said the message that DirectGov is trying to get across justifies the ad. Fine. Yes it does. Put a freaking warning on it!


The CAP website is more for the people who produce and use adverts, rather than the general public. That's what ASA are for, but apparently they don't think there's a problem. CAP do hold open consultations, but the only one currently scheduled is about gambling ads.

It doesn't look as if CAP have a regular email contact and the form doesn't appear to be useful either. I am no good on the phone. Phone's are weird. If anyone wants to directly call CAP to ask about changes (demand, whatever you're comfortable with) to the code though;

Tel: 020 7492 2200

I'll be writing to them;

Committee of Advertising Practice
Mid City Place
71 High Holborn

Getting a warning on a rape scene should be not be this difficult!
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