DirectGov's This Abuse Campaign is Back

[UPDATE; added some extra links and the info about the sexist ASDA Christmas advert investigation]

[UPDATE 2; ASA are no use, contacting CAP]

For my initial post on this "don't be a rapist" ad campaign; Mild Trigger Warning

For the reply I got when I complained about the first round of this campaign; Useless And Missing The Point Warning

As I said in my first post; I think that this campaign is, in essence, great. The message is simple; all the fault lies with the attacker, not the victim. It is the way that it has been carried out that I have a problem with. The advert is graphic, horrifying, a massive trigger fest and there is no damned warning!

All I want is a warning before hand and a few seconds to turn the channel. That's all. A little common courtesy for people who have suffered abuse (or do not want to witness such things) is not too much to ask, surely? I mean we get warnings ahead of TV shows and movies that go along the lines of "contains scenes that some may find upsetting". Why not on adverts that show the same damn things?

Please, even if the advert has no affect on you, make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency and to VAWG themselves (though I never did get a reply from my last attempt to contact them) on behalf of all the people (at least a quarter of the population, on the most conservative estimates) that this advert hurts every time they see it.

It took only 160 odd complaints to ASA for them to start an investigation into ASDA's sexist Christmas ads (not that I don't think ASDA are alone in that sort of bullshit). The same can be done for This Is Abuse. We can get ASA to look into this properly, make them understand that their conclusion that this ad does not hurt enough people to warrant any changes is wrong headed and outright incorrect. A change in their guidelines so that adverts are treated the same way as TV shows and movies (or with more stringent controls, as we don't get to choose which adverts we see) would be great, but just getting something done about This Is Abuse would be a start.

The ad will be running on TV throughout December and January. Guess I won't be watching non-BBC TV or going to the cinema again for a while. 
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