Edinburgh Photo Hunt

Last Saturday I ran a little photo hunt for my friends around Edinburgh's city centre. It went really well and everyone had a lot of fun so I figured I'd post it here for others to find and use. Some things had changed since I'd written the clues (had to organise it a couple of months ahead of time to make sure everyone got time off work) so I expect that if anyone does use this in the future they'll have to make sure everything is still the same. Mostly it was pub signs that had changed, but one item is on the castle's esplanade and the Tattoo got in the way, another was almost under water due to the Gardens flooding.

If you want to use this just email me ~ shardaerliss (at) googlemail (dot) com ~ and I'll send you the answers, that way no one will be able to just google the questions and find this page >_>

Everything on here is researchable via Wiki and Google. Even people who have never been to the city should be able to play if they have a smart phone.

Questions 1-20; 3 points each. If you need a hint text me. For every hint you will lose 1 point.
Questions 21-30; 5 points each.
The first team to get all the correct pictures back to me gains an extra 5 points.

1 A rather spikey stairway to Heaven.

2 “I used to be a hermit, but then I took an arrow in the knee so now I’m a saint. Go take a picture of my big ass church. ”

3 This ruthless persecutor of Covenanters was buried mere yards from where he imprisoned 1200 of them in a field. Get a picture of his haunted tomb.

4 Entrance to a butchers’ market... or maybe a red light district.

5 A pub named for a tool used at a very early point in the beer making process.

6 Peter Griffin’s favourite watering hole... now a chip shop.

7 This American President stands proud in a graveyard that is overlooked by the Nelson Monument.

8 Outside the Quaker meeting house is a plaque detailing the history of the area. It describes some buildings across the road, named after a very large country. Take a picture of a cool Baronial style bit.

9 A symbol of idolatry (now with Fresian spots) beneath South Bridge

10 An irritating little dog looks down this street, and on it, somewhere, is the face of Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Take a picture of it.

11 Somewhere in town is a staircase with exactly 90 steps, it does not turn a corner so you can take a picture of all 90 in one go. (this was disputed by one team, but I counted the damn things three times)

12 Somewhere in Princes Street Gardens is a tree with a plaque dedicated to a famous little Jewish diary keeper. Find the plaque.

13 In the grounds of the building with the oldest foundations in Edinburgh is a watchtower, installed to keep out the Resurrection Men. Get a picture of it.

14 Edinburgh has a lot of pubs, this one is named for a woman who survived hanging (for concealing a pregnancy).

15 Zombie apocalypse? Impending giant asteroid hit? America going postal with its nukes? This is a perfectly named place to sup your last beer.

16 There are a lot of dead things in Edinburgh, maybe more than there are pubs. These are really dead, and really old, and kind of stony, and in a shop window.

17 On the house of one of the great reformers of the church in Scotland are three little words, in three great languages for one all powerful being.

18 “... a people, Who live between earth and skies, Each in his own steeple, Keeping a lighthouse with his eyes."

19 This pub is probably named for a Scottish dialect... but I’d like to think it was named for a Greek one.

20 This man, according to legend, captured the regimental eagle of one of the Regiments at the Battle of Waterloo. His tomb now stands on Edinburgh Castle’s esplanade, but his original tombstone is behind it. Get a picture of it.

21 Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... something not quite the right shape but it’ll do.

22 This HUGE (and embarrassingly unfinished) monument belongs in Athens.

23 A very old chapel, dedicated to the Egyptian father of Christian monasticism... who had something to do with pigs. I don’t even...

24 Snap four differently numbered buses.

25 A picture of your own reflection, not in an actual mirror.

26 A red flower.

27 A herring gull (3 bonus points if it’s on a statue)

28 A statue or engraving of a horse. This will only get you points if no other team has snapped the horse.

29 A green door.

30 The number 27. A door number, a price tag, a date... NOT anything on this page or on anything you are carrying.
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