Virtually Overworked

I checked my bank statement on my phone before getting ready for work. My balance was running pretty low and rent was due a few days before payday. I checked PayPal, hoping there might be something sitting in my account that I might have forgotten about from AdSense or Amazon Self-Pub.

No such luck.

Back in the day, I thought idly, as I fumbled around amongst the billion and one different wires for the correct jack for work (use the wrong jack and I wouldn’t get paid), someone like me might have pawned off a couple of games or films to make up the shortfall. This led me onto some other trains of thought about “the good ol’ days”, like how we had joked about being able to send hugs and cookies over the internet. The chocolate kind mind you, not the web tracking and censorship ones; we’d done our damndest to keep those off the net.

Final Fantasy VII, Life Ever After; Chapter 6 Broken

In case you've hit this page from some random link out there on the internet: Chapter 1

Again, no pictures.


Tomb Raider: Crossroads - Sexual Assault Is Not Empowering!


I suffer from poor geek syndrome and cannot justify spending more money on a single game at release than I do on food in a month, so I have yet to play TR. However, the pro bloggers over at The Mary Sue have got it covered; Lara Croft Is Dead, Long Live Lara Croft: Reflections On Tomb Raider. Turns out it's the old "trailer's selling an entirely different product because PR don't think the actual one will sell" problem... which is another rant altogether.


I am so fed up with people claiming that the little shit storm that has been kicked up over TR:C is a) over-reacting, b) based purely on the words of one "obviously misinformed" man and c) not actually what appears in the trailer.

a) that's a whole other post involving rape statistics, gaming statistics, explanations about rape culture and explorations of what the brain and body does when you're gaming compared to reading, writing and just watching entertainment. Essentially it boils down to; I don't want my PC violently sexually assaulted while I watch just so she can become badass o.O

Even I'm not that much of a sado-masochist, geez.

b) yeah keep reading.

c) Ooooh yeah it is. Allow me to present; Aer's Trailer Critique!

There follows some brief description of sexual violence.