CBS's Sherlock Remake; Trailer

Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are two actors I quite like and, really, it's hard to go wrong with Sherlock Holmes. I was holding back judgement on this until the final product. I WANT more fun things done with Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Irene Adler, James Moriarty and their world. I am a lover of fanfiction after all.

I wanted this to be good but the first trailer has arrived and I am the opposite of optimistic. Take a gander...

Sorry Johnny, you're just not right for the role of Sherlock Holmes. You're not crazy, cynical, cold and calculating. You're sweet, bashful and exuberant and you haven't managed to shake it off (unless you've been directed to act that way, only really seen Plunkett and Macleane and Eli). You're up against Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch, you haven't got a chance of shining through.

Oh, a woman to play Watson, isn't that all feminist and shit. Sorry, I don't like this kind of gender reversal crap for the sake of it. Here's an idea; why not make Holmes a woman! Because then you'd have a cold, calculating, misanthropic, genius female lead (that everyone loves BECAUSE of their faults when they're male) and network execs don't think the audience could hack that despite the recent success of Starbuck (whom I, admittedly, dislike for the same reason; the gender change smacks of pandering and tokenism... different discussion, move on).

Or as @ByronAelander_ suggested to me; make them BOTH women.

Did anyone else spot Dr Watson rapidly leaving the vicinity of the dead body at 0:27 while all the men remained (nice shot, calling absolute attention to her shock)? So she's got no background of working in conflict zones, or even in hospitals on the outskirts of conflict zones, even as a nurse (I don't know how sexism works in the medical divisions of the armed services)?

Angry feminist ravings aside, Elementary seems pretty standard fair, and bland fair at that. Johnny Lee Miller brings nothing new to the role, really (although it's a little unfair of me to judge that based purely on the trailer) and Lucy Liu isn't showing any of the gravity, earnestness and humility Watson requires to counter Holmes' aloof and flippant nature.

CBS seems to have gone back in time in terms of the production quality and cinematography. Maybe it's just  the scenes in the subway triggering it, but the camera work very much reminded me of Now and Again (1999).

And the wardrobe and hair departments haven't really tried, have they? Not much style going on there, at least nothing that says "hey, silhouette me on Tshirt, I'm totally recognisable!"


CBS, please don't pull money from The Mentalist to make this. Do that much at least for me, yeah?

I still want this to be good, but it looks highly unlikely that it'll be something I'll follow even half heartedly once it hits UK channels.


Elementary will air at 10pm on CBS in the fall... which, if I recall correctly, is directly after The Mentalist. Good call. If I had CBS I probably wouldn't bother changing channels, at least for the pilot and it's very much going to attract the same audience... if it attracts an audience. I wonder if Channel 5 will nab it for the UK and do the same thing..?
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