CBS's Sherlock Remake; Trailer

Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are two actors I quite like and, really, it's hard to go wrong with Sherlock Holmes. I was holding back judgement on this until the final product. I WANT more fun things done with Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Irene Adler, James Moriarty and their world. I am a lover of fanfiction after all.

I wanted this to be good but the first trailer has arrived and I am the opposite of optimistic. Take a gander...

Alcohol + Guitarist + Tone Deaf Jester

That title; yeah, consider yourself warned.

Final Fantasy VII; Life Ever After Chapter 5, Betrayal

I have no images for this one. It kinda started taking on a life of it's own...

This isn't a slash fic. It looks like it might turn that way at times, but honestly, I just write them as good friends.