Character Concept; Ichamus

This is the first one I actually wrote. I had a vision (not a "whoa hallucinating the Virgin Mary" vision, just my imagination running away with itself) while I was at work one day, of this guy, so I wrote him down. Again; because I never kept up with my drawing practice.


A boy was sitting on the sofa, and something about him was not quite right, as though he did not belong there; but this was a cafe, an open public building. He held one leg against his chest, the foot resting on the edge of the seat. The other was planted firmly on the light brown, panelled floor. He seemed to be watching clouds drift by through the large skylight. His face, briefly lit by sunlight, was now in shadow.

A spiky mass of green hair, short and thick, covered his small head. Delicate ears, as though carved from the purest bee's wax, had been pierced and from each one hung three small brown feathers, laced together by black and red thread at their tips. A necklace of jet black stones circled his thin neck so tightly it seemed almost part of his pale flesh.

He wore a thin shirt the colour of the deepest oceans. It formed a second skin across his thin chest and down his wiry arms until it flared into ripples of cotton at his wrists. Long, narrow fingers emerged from the billowing sleeves, tapering to green painted nails. Thin bands of silver and gold adorned the index and ring fingers of each hand, resting serenely on his raised knee.

The shirt lay just above a white sash tied around his waist as though he were a buccaneer. He wore dark brown trousers, torn and repaired with tens of colourful patches. They were frayed at the ends and baggy, probably held to his wispy form by the sash alone.

His feet were covered only by white cotton socks. His toes curled and unfolded as he gazed through the window.

As I stared at him, his face turned to me. Two mahogany irises in a sea of blood shot white looked at me,
round and huge. His small nose, dotted with a smattering of freckles, reached down to his smiling mouth, lips as dark as his eyes.

He smiled, his cheeks blushing a little, and nodded a greeting before returning to his vigil over the clouds.
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