Judge Not...

Yeah, I epic fail at that. I am, I believe a strong willed person. I'm not very good at looking on people with weaker wills favourably.

Paradoxically, I don't think anyone is undeserving of a sympathetic, though not indulgent, helping hand. After all, we are but products of that which came before us. We didn't choose the life we were born to, nor did we choose our genetics. Everyone who has ever been involved in our life has helped to form our personality, our strengths and our weaknesses.

Why then should we continue to fail those in our society that have already been failed by it? The homeless don't choose to live on the streets. Drug addicts don't want to die with a needle in their arm. Girls using their bodies to earn money or to gain self esteem don't want to work the streets or subject themselves to society's lusty gaze.

They might not have your strength, or your peaceful, easy life, but that does not mean they deserve your scorn. They deserve a chance and to be shown how to find the strength to overcome everything that has made them the way they are.

People who drink decaff espresso though, they deserve my undiluted wrath.
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