Brief Musings on the Multiverse

The Multiverse is a double edged sword... wait, you know what it is, right? The theory that every possibility can and does exist, each in its own separate but interlinked universe. That our universe is only one of infinite parallel universes and all these held together are the Multiverse. I'll let Wiki explain it in detail.

Okay, where was I? Yes, the Multiverse is a double edged sword. A while ago I tweeted;

That is to say, in more characters than Twitter allows, that although the Doctor and his zany adventures have not happened in this universe, they, or something very similar, have happened in an infinite array of ways, in other universes. There was also the idea that, as he is a traveller through dimensions, on rare occasions, he might hit this one, one day, or someone/thing similar might do.

I'll not hold my breath.

But back to consolations. So the Doctor doesn't exist here but he does elsewhere. On top of that, out there somewhere I'm a freaking awesome space pirate captain. Or a multi millionaire writer. Or I rule the world. I rule the freaking universe!

Of course then you have to up it to ruling the Multiverse... but if I rule the Multiverse then how can I not be ruling the Multiverse in other universes? Or how can someone else, in one of the other infinite possibilities playing out be ruling the Multiverse if I am? Are there multiple Multiverses? Each with all the infinite possibilities playing out on a grander, multi-multi faceted scale?

Then someone, somewhere eventually has to take over another Multiverse and rule two... no, all the Multiverses. But if I rule all the Multiverses then how can I not be ruling all the Multiverses in other Multi-Multiverses? Wait... infinite-multiplication-capacity-time-loop detected. Rebooting.

You get my drift?

Now I, being the way I am, cannot think too long on the awesome aspects on something (weird or not) without eventually going "but what about the crap stuff?"

Yeah, so in this universe your life is pretty solid. It's not a monstrous mess of pain and misery, you're not dead but you're not ruler of the Multiverse or anything. The infinite possibilities idea says that somewhere out there you're bad-ass, you're having an incredible life of adventure or luxury, whichever takes your fancy.

In a bunch of other universes you're not doing so well. You're impoverished. You're someone's body slave. You're a soldier watching their platoon get get blown to smithereens. You're the ruler of the world... having your and your airforce's ass being handed to you by an invading alien race. You're dying, alone and cold with no one to mourn you.

The Multiverse is a bitch.
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