I Am Pedant, Hear Me Scrawl

I don't know if this is a recent trend or if I have only just bothered to take note of it, but an awful lot of people seem to be annoyed by the use of "literally". Apparently, everyone is using it wrongly. Hmmmm.

If You Have Nothing To Hide You Have Nothing To Fear

I really need to hunt down the first person who used that and murder them... or desecrate their grave. Yeah, tell that to the victims of persecution throughout time. Early Christians, Protestants, Catholics, anyone that the Witchfinder General didn't like, Jews, Muslims, women, and that's just the tip of the religious stuff in Europe, never mind ethnic cleansing, homophobia and misogyny, class/caste systems...

I'm not talking crimes committed by a hateful minority here like the KKK or EDL. No, all crimes and abuses listed above (for starters) have been carried out by governments against the people they govern (or would like to govern but find it easier to demonise, repress, torture and murder).

Oh but this is different, we live in more civilised times. Lolz! No body of power (law making, religious, commercial) is incorruptible. Every body of power is only a few steps from abusing its authority outright. Once it's big enough to feel it can go unchallenged it will stop serving and start using.

Google just got that big.