Character Concept: Kondroch

Sometimes I dream up a character that has no place in anything I'm writing (or, you know... currently not writing) but I still want to play with them. If I could draw then I would draw them. Just to get them out of my head and into the world. The only way I know how to get them onto paper though is to write. So this is what I've done and will continue to do (hopefully). Maybe I'll use these guys in something at some point. Maybe they'll just stay forever trapped in a written tableau. Either way; here they are... or here's the first of them.


Kondroch was a jolly soul. His wide, toothless mouth, so often fixed in a warm grin, only opened in praise of those around him. Wide, bulbous eyes, yellow and black in colour, never looked on anyone with disdain or in anger, only with fatherly love. A broad, soft nose covered half of his face, flaring with laughter.

His long powerful legs rested beneath him, ending in large flat feet that tapped to a rhythm only he seemed to hear. His large hands and short flabby fingers often tapped to the beat of a drum or came together in honour of great works. Now and then they rested on the smooth, rounded arms of his stone throne - for Kondroch was a king.

He was not any old monarch. Not the pretentious ruler of the deer herds, who seemed to think he wielded the most power at the forest council simply because he was the largest.

Nor was he the obnoxious king of the foxes. A beast of great intellect, but hwho only used it to fool the ignorant humans. What kind of a good use was that?

Nor was he the majestic leader of the falcons. Sagacious creatures, to be sure - those who could see, far above the heads of other beasts, the greater, wider world.

Nor was he the unfortunate king of the fish - creatures that could not venture onto the soft and tender dry land. No, he was not the ruler of those scaly animals, but he did pity them.

Nor was he the ruler of those other scaled ones, the snakes and lizards. No slithering and skittering across the ground for Kondroch's people.

His were a people far greater than all these. His were a people of two worlds! A people that transcended a barrier no other beasts could cross. Born of water, aged on land - the wisdom of the lakes and of the earth. Kondroch was a great king, for he was king of mighty, robust beasts and slender, dainty creatures.

He was the Toad King, and master of their gentle and wise cousins - the frogs.
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