You Put Your Left Leg In...

I've seen a lot of hatred spewed at 'the Left' and the 'liberals' in the last six months, but it's not being spewed at the people I consider to be 'the Left' and the 'liberals'. My idea of leftwing seems to be somewhat different to everyone else's. Admittedly, this will be because I'm an idiot and missing some important point.

I've always thought that those on the left of society, the liberals, were the forward thinking ones, that care not only about their own tribe but about everyone who is in need. Then Labour, who are traditionally leftwing because they fought against the Right in the name of the working classes, came along as New Labour in 1997 and all of that went out of the window. Everything that 'the Right' want and believe in seems to have been adopted by New Labour; tradition is best, supporting only your tribe, dictating life choices. New Labour and their supporters are still claiming to be left of centre though, because they're not the Tories. If you're not the Tories then you're not on the Right so you must be on the Left.

Then the actual leftwing party, who were always considered to be in the centre, the looking to our future, live-and-let-live, help everyone in need party got crushed under the Right's foot and are now considered right of centre. Both the old Left and the Right are making out that the LibDems are rightwing and everyone has just gone along with it.

So now the Left are in agreement with the policies of the Right, the Centre are the Right and the Right are still the Right. What the Hell?

Meanwhile the 'grassroots' Left are squabbling amongst themselves to claim who is the most left... and siding with Labour who are, in fact, the Right in disguise.

So, which side of the line do I stand again? I can't work it out.
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