BBC Tie Watch 30/03/2011

Ah, Paxman, you god among political interrogators. Seriously, only a man with a deity's invulnerabilities would wear that tie... with that suit!

Anyone with a better grasp of Japanese than my own able to work out what his tie says? I can make out only the odd hiragana. I don't know them well enough to work them out from that image, or while he's moving about on screen.

Anyway; this Japanese inspired tie would probably look quite good if it was either slightly more subdued or as part of a more flamboyant ensemble. I see a full red silk tuxedo style cut with a dark blue shirt, and obviously a gold silk handkerchief folded stylishly into the breast pocket. Although that would probably look ridiculous on Paxman... on Newsnight.

Paxman's tie pales completely in comparison to Dimbleby's piece this week. Every week I think; "how can he find anything to top that?" The next week he always surprises me.

Last week it was ladybirds;

This week? Moths! But no ordinary moths on no ordinary tie. This week, while his outfit is otherwise quite basic (black jacket, white shirt... probably trousers) his tie clashes with life itself;

There is a man who is completely secure in everything he feels, thinks and does.

While Boris Johnson, appearing on this weeks BBCQT panel, isn't a BBC political presenter and thus not part of this bizarre plot/bet, I would have thought he'd be wearing something a little more "out there" than he is. Come on Boris, you can do better than that!



Every week I tune in for two minutes to see if Andrew Neil is even wearing a tie on This Week. He never is. Letting the side down, man, letting the side down.
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