BBC Tie Watch 03/03/2011

Back in 2007 I noticed a BBC News reader wearing a dark indigo tie that was splattered with white, sharp pointed stars or perhaps snowflakes. It was hideous. Absolutely hideous. The image of a BBC News reader wearing such a shockingly garish tie has stuck with me. Since then, whenever I have been watching a current affairs show on the Beeb, with a man behind a desk, I have taken note of his tie.

Without fail, the hosts of BBC current affairs shows have worn monstrous neck attire. Every time (or at least every time I've watched the news or question time). I originally concluded that it was a bet or dare between some of the young, new and hip reporters. Now I'm not so sure because they ALL do it.

So, in honour of this madness, I will attempt to record all the ties I notice. Thanks to Prt Scr and BBC iPlayer, this should be a reasonably easy task.

Up first then (and probably in many more posts to come; I'm sure he's winning whatever competition is going on) is that staple of BBC political reporting; David Dimbleby.

What is that, David? Who let you wear that? Who the Hell sold it to you? No one else on the panel of tonight's BBC Question Time is wearing anything that's remotely as eye bleedingly horrible... in fact Liam Halligan has decided to be all cool and not only NOT wear a tie but barely do up his shirt;

Margaret Beckett and Lord Malloch-Brown (Malloch? What kind of name is Malloch?) also in that picture. While Malloch-Brown's tie isn't exactly tastefully subtle, it's not a fluorescent beast that's crawled its way out of Lovecraft's fevered brain.

The thing is, this only happens on BBC shows. I'm currently watching Channel 4's 10 O'Clock Live (at 11 o'clock, not live) and the adorable David Mitchell is not only wearing a nice, plain tie but it matches his ensemble!

I don't have an image yet because latest show hasn't hit 4oD... bleh.

Now, the female presenters... they don't tend to wear ties (which they totally should do, everyone knows ties are sexy on women) and I have yet to notice any similar patterns in their clothing. I will though, if it's there I will find it!