Twitter Disclaimer

For anyone not familiar with the huge farce that was the Twitter Joke Trial check out the variety Guardian articles, starting here.


To help avoid prosecution for our comedic blatherings on Twitter, @Oatz has come up with a little disclaimer that he's posted on TwitLonger.

Genius. Genius I say!

As I don't use the TwitLonger service I'm going to slap it here, with a couple of adjustments for my own personal situation (not everything I tweet is a joke... context, people, context!);


Any content (tweets) I (@Aerliss ) post to the Twitter website containing apparent threats, expressions of violence or claims of committing, or intending to commit illegal acts, or inciting others to commit illegal and violent acts are intended to be humorous and to not be taken seriously, and should be treated as such. This should be clear from the context in which they are posted.

In acknowledging this fact, you willingly concede the ability to attempt to take legal action against myself, or the people I directly communicate with (@ reply), for anything I post (including content already posted).

If you do not accept these terms, you hereby forfeit the right to view anything I post to Twitter - including all posts past, present and future, and in spite of their publicly viewable nature - from this day (13 Nov 2010) and until such time as you do agree to the terms outlined above.

Is that clear enough, jackasses?