Just... playing

I run a group fan blog over at wordpress for the ever so girly PonyStars site. I was using WP at the time for my own random spouting... due to convoluted circumstances. It seemed only natural to just use my existing account there when I decided to start the PS fanblog. Alas, that seems to have been far too hasty a decision.

While WP is a great basic blogging tool, its creators want a fair whack of cash (for each blog and not per account) to allow you to much more. While I would consider paying this out for my own blog, if it were ever popular enough to warrant it, I'm not so willing to pay it out for the PS fanblog.

Which brings me here. However, before I start fiddling around with moving my fanblog over (which will take FOREVER because Blogger doesn't allow WP imports *sigh*) I figured I'd start getting my head around the Blogger interface by moving my personal ramblings over.

Wish me luck with that... yah?
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