Buffy Movie Rehash

Yeah, I could have used re-vamped and made so much lolz. Not.
So my beloved Twitter is going stir crazy over the news that a new Buffy movie is in the works. Normally this would bring tears of joy to many BtVS fans' eyes. However, one of the leading hashtags is #buffymoviefail. Go take a peek; they're HATING the idea.
Apparently, Joss himself is not yet involved (#NoJossNoBuffy)... and is unlikely to be involved. People aren't happy about this. It WAS his idea to begin with. He IS the one who made it something amazing (with the odd bit of "ech, what did they do that for"). On top of lacking Joss' input it's not actually going to have anything to do with the series and will simply be a remake of the original lame-tastic movie... which we all know Joss had very little if any say in. And of course, as it's nothing to do with the TV show none of the actors, or indeed their characters, will be making an appearance (we assume).
So it's going to be something completely new from a different set of heads with a new bunch of faces... a bit like JJ Abrams Star Trek, no? Abrams took Star Trek, shook it by the shoulders, turned it upside down and spun it around a bit. Most of us geeks agree that he did a damn fine job of it too (even if there was TOO MUCH LENS FLARE!). Why are people thinking that a Buffy movie remake is going to be awful?
I'll tell you why.
The Kuzuis.
THEY were responsible for the monstrosity that was the original movie. They still own the rights and think they and Vertigo Entertainment can do a better job than Joss and Mutant Enemy... again. Fran originally re-worked Joss' script (she did WHAT?!) for the movie and directed it. Nuff said.
Vertigo Entertainment have actually done good in the past. They specialise in remaking Asian films for a lazy western audience and were responsible for Sam Raimi's production of The Grudge, which was actually better than Ju-On... if you ask me (and hey, SMG was in it!). Unfortunately, they were also responsible for The Eye and The Ring. Both of which were awful (though I didn't think much of Gin gwai to begin with and how could you do better than Ringu?).
This remake could swing several ways because of the unique position of the franchise. It could go the way of Trek and be a mind blowing geekasm of awesome. It could be an okay re-hash of a crappy old movie. Or, and I fear this terribly, it could be an absolute slap in the face to all BtVS fans the world across (I want to say "like Battle Star Galactica" but many people seem to find joy in it... goodness only knows why). The original film was pants, so a remake (by the laws of remakes) should actually be seen as a good thing; take the crap out, add in some new stuff and voila you have a good movie that people will have no choice but to compare favourably to the old one.
The trouble is; Joss already did that!
He wrestled Buffy's corpse out of the hands of the Kuzuis and breathed life into it. Vibrant, exciting, heartbreaking, colourful, ecstatic life. Is it possible to do something better with the concept than what Joss did? Honestly? Is it possible to conceive of characters to put in that 'verse that will be as much loved as Buffy (well, okay... that's not too difficult), Willow, Xander, Giles, Faith... Spike!
However... I think we should at least consider giving this idea a chance (as long as the Kuzuis don't get creatively involved). There's a LOT of fanfic out there for BtVS. A fair chunk of it is Alternate Universe (AU) or are "what if?" stories. Essentially taking the idea in a different direction, like what they did in season 3 episode "The Wish." We all enjoy these fanfics, right? Right?!
Remakes and adaptations CAN work. Everyone else seems to love BSG. Willard (story about a man and his rats) is an amazing remake of a lovely (if your mind works that way) 1971 film. The Cat and the Canary was remade several times (Bob Hope's one, the second one, is the best). Willy Wonka anyone? The Magnificent Seven and Shichinin no Samurai (The Seven Samurai)? I'm sure you can think of some... in fact I bet you have some favourite movies that you don't even know are remakes... and remakes of good, but old films.
If, I say IF, Vertigo get in the right people; it might work. IF they do something considerably different and NEW; it might work. IF the Kuzuis stay out of the way (repeating myself much); it might work. IF they play up the geekdom (a la Orci and Kurtzman's' in-joke laden Trek script); it might work. IF they respect Joss' vision of Buffy while making it their own; it might work.
There are possibilities. I'm not holding my breath or anything... but I'm holding out hope it's at the very least better than the original and sufficiently different enough from the TV show to make comparisons (which could never be anything but unfavourable) impossible.
Call me an optimist.
Of course, I'd rather Joss do a sequel, with all his squishy characters and the same wonderful cast. Less likely than another Firefly season though *sigh*
If you really want to sign the petition; go here. I put little stock in petitions (Sliders never returned despite the petitions *sniffle*) so I'm not signing it. Just so yah'll know.
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